Marco Carniel Wildlife Photography

Eye To Eye…..

eye to eye with wild animals.

The dream of my lifetime. 

Whoever looked into the amber eyes of a leopard will never ever forget this instant. The first leopard ever to answer my glance was Zawadi, Half Tail´s daughter, in February 1997 in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. She was about one year old then – playful like a kitten but destined to become a perfect hunter as she would reach adulthood…

I can remember so perfectly well. I spotted Zawadi playing obliviously to my presence for more than an hour with a killed genet. It was late afternoon. Light was fading away. I was filming. Being at aw hat the images my camera was capturing were for real. I was fascinated and enchanted of these moments I shared with a wild creature.
At some point she got tired of the dead genet. She climbed a fallen tree and stood still without a motion. She was gazing into my eyes for minutes steadily. This moment is an immortal memory – branded in my mind.

I was fortunate to experience many more unforgettable moments with wild creatures over the years. However, this story – Zawadi with the genet – will be in my heart eternally. As long as I live.“

Marco Carniel

Big Shots

I try to catch special moments with my camera.
The eyes are the window to the soul – even in animals.
The perfect glimpse makes a shot a big shot.



Fascinating landscapes. Unique wildlife. The big migration.
And this very special light.
One says - Whoever gets the dust of Africa on his shoes will return.
This has definitively come true for me….


Around the World

I saw humpback whales in Marina Balleno.
Bengal tigers hunting Sambar deer in Ranthambhore.
I heard wolves howl in Yellowstone. 

We should not forget about we do not own the world, however, share this planet with all of Mother Earth´s creatures.



I travelled to most beautiful and breathtaking places.
There are landscapes that open the heart.
That touch you and make you cry tears of joy.
And let us feel that we are part of the Earth.


Natural Wonders

Often unseen. Unregarded. Unnoticed. 

Treasures are about to be found by the ones who open their eyes and their hearts to the small things.


Jonathan Davis

"Amazing pictures from one of the best wild places in the world. Congratulations!!!"


"Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes: bild.schön"

Irene Martos

"Amazing pictures in terms of colors and perspective, but especially congratulations for your capabilities to detect and capture snapshots with such high expressive content! They are really great!"

Hermann Nowak

"Lieber Herr Dr. Carniel,

ich möchte Ihnen auf diesem Wege herzlich zur sehr gelungen Webseite gratulieren. Wirklich schöne Bilder und tolle Motive."